A Man had a "problem" with the I.R.S. agency.

He sent every one of the "Papers" and envelopes which he had received from I.R.S., - back to them (He kept photocopies), with a photocopy of the envelopes (each Marked "Return to Sender -.No such Party at this location") attached to the "It Ain't Me" Cover letter.

Next time he checked - certain "Liens" which had previously been "On The Record" were marked discharged.

If you are a Flesh and Blood Man or Woman (of GOD) - DO NOT steal mail which is intended for a corporate fiction. It is against the law to keep mail which does not belong to you.

By keeping mail directed to a corporate fiction you are admitting that you must be (or you represent) that corporate fiction. When you actually  Go (voluntarily) into the Court, you remove all doubt that you in fact DO  "Represent" that ALL CAPITAL LETTER named fiction.

Commerce is "any promise (future performance) in ink on paper".

Contracts are "Commerce".

"Notes" are "Commerce" (Federal Reserve Notes, etc.).

Corporations, Trusts, Associations, are fictions on paper-Commerce

All Insurance is "Admiralty" and future promise - "Commerce".

All Fictions are commerce.

The Courts have jurisdiction over all fiction entities and all "Commerce".

THEREFORE', you are "subject" to the Admiralty /Commerce /military Court, if you voluntarily show up, after returning All papers of commerce with the "It- Ain't Me" cover letter with copies/exhibits attached to it.

The "It Ain't Me" letter denies and challenges "Personam", "Venue", and "Subject Matter" Primary elements of primary jurisdiction, - which destroys their "Presumption", is "Rebuttable Presumption", and they must reveal their FRAUD in order to refute the Written DENIAL which is what the "It Ain't Me" letter is. They would rather "Drop" or "dismiss" their case against you.


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