A Chiropractor in Georgia, was served "Court Papers" by a Deputy Sheriff on Friday Afternoon re: a Court HEARING on Monday at 9:30 a.m., believing that he couldn't act on them before the HEARING time.

He didn't have time enough to mail the "Papers" back to the Court, so He had a neighbor act as his personal "Process Server", and had the Neighbor personally "return the papers" along with the "It Ain't Me" type letter, to the Deputy Sheriff that afternoon. He asked for a "Receipt" that the "Papers" had been returned for improper service.

The Deputy refused. So, The Neighbor simply said "That's O.K., - I'll just sign an "AFFIDAVIT" to the Court for the Chiropractor, that the "Papers" have been returned. Have a nice day !"

The Neighbor turned and left the Office. While getting into the car up the street, the Chiropractor and Neighbor noticed both the Sheriff and the Deputy running over to the Court House before "Closing Time". They had earlier signed a "Return Of Service" to the Court Clerk, that the papers were served. They had to "remove" their signature somehow from the official Court records, because the "Papers" were back on their desk.

Two weeks later, the Chiropractor met the (would have been) "Plaintiff" in a shopping Mall. He asked "What Happened?"

The Plaintiff said "You didn't show up, and when they called the case, the Attorneys, the Judge, and my Attorney had a 'Side Bar consultation'. Then my Attorney told me to go home and He would be in touch with me later by letter." In other words NOTHING HAPPENED. They never obtained "Service Of Process" on him. He has never heard another word about this incident. He raised the point that He, the real live natural man, was not the fiction PERSON named as Defendant.

The Lawyers and Judge, didn't want the "Real" vs. "FICTION Person" issue to be raised "On the Record" in their court. They "dropped" the case.

We Free real natural flesh and blood People of GOD (not fiction Persons) should learn to avoid their Administrative courts of "Discretion", and of " Justice." "Justice - collection of the amount of debt". We are considered already guilty, the court's only obligation is to determine the "just amount" of debt - same as the old "Star Chamber".

This procedure was used regarding a "civil" case. However, the same philosophy applies to "Criminal" cases.


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