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"real live man, or FICTION ? - "It Ain't Me." "

This "Letter" (with Papers Returned) saved me $12,000.00 and/or jail by: David S. DeRiemer, - Peoples Rights Association c/o, - 1624 Savannah Rd.A.B., Lewes, Delaware No zip used

I received (all rights reserved/without prejudice to rights) by mail, Nine (9) letters/"Statements of Amounts Due" in Nine (9) separate envelopes from the "Court". They said "pay the amount due, or there will be a "Contempt Of Court" HEARING, Wednesday at 1:30 p.m., for failure to pay", and I would go to jail.

After photocopying the envelopes and their contents, - I marked the envelopes "Opened by Mistake" (per State and U.C.C. section 1-103 "Underlying fundamental principles of Law"), and marked "Return to Sender" on each envelope, and they were each "Returned" by the Post Office.

I then sent CERTIFIED MAIL (all rights reserved) the enclosed "It Ain't Me" letter (with copies of the returned Marked numbered envelopes attached as exhibits). It said that the Defendant is a fiction - since I am not a fiction "It ain't me". The Defendant spells its name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS - since I spell my name with lower case letters "It ain't me". The Defendant's "address" is at a fiction zone titled "DE". Since I have no contact, no contract, no nexus, and no connection to fiction zone "DE", - "It Ain't me". The Defendant's #'address" is at a fiction zone number 19958. Since I have no contract, no contact, no nexus, and no connection to fiction zone 19958, - "It ain't me". Since it is against the law for me to accept or keep Mail or papers, especially legal papers, that are apparently intended for another, it would be Mail Fraud for me to keep them, so they are refused, rejected and "Returned To Sender", envelope copies attached hereto. If it is in fact me, the real live natural flesh and blood Man of GOD who you wish to contact, - spell my name with lower case letters, my "temporary Mail Location" is "Care of" 1624 Savannah Road, Lewes, Delaware (spelled fully out) and NO VOLUNTARY ZIP CODE USED, just as it appears on thin "In Forma Pauperis" form.

We suspected that if I "failed to appear" they would simply send out a "SWAT TEAM" to personally arrest me an forcibly bring me in, - so on Wednesday,I walked into the Courtroom at 1:30. The room was dark and empty.

I went down to the Court Clerk's Office to inquire. They said "Wait a minute" and telephoned to the Chief Clerk. I waited out in the lobby and when she saw me, she said "Oh, Mr. DeRiemer, what are You doing here?". I said "Well, you mailed these nine (9) NOTICES that there was to be a HEARING here now". She said "But, - you sent the NOTICES back." [In other words "BECAUSE you sent the NOTICES back, We did not obtain "Service of Process".]

I then said, "Well, now that I am here, I would like to talk to the Judge."

She said "What about?"

I said "I have this 'In Forma Pauperis' Form here and I'd like to talk to him about it."

She said "Can I see it?". I said "Sure". She said, "Well, If you want him to look at it, we better "clock

I said, "How about "clock" my copy in also, to prove that I was here at the appointed hour and date. Also, I would like a written statement on Court Stationery that I was here, and that No "Capias" (Bench Warrant) will be issued later today."

She said "O.K., but how will we notify you when the HEARING on this In Forma Pauperis is scheduled, as you don't get your mail."

I said, "sure I do. just spell my Name in lower case letters, use "Care of" before the "Mail Location", fully spell out "Delaware", and use NO ZIP CODE NUMBER, and it will get to me just fine.

She gave me one of those sickening sweet Government employee all knowing "smiles", and went down the Hall toward her office. I began to follow, but she said "Just wait out here, and I'll be right back."

23 minutes later - she appeared with a single sheet of Court Letterhead paper with two (2) sentences on it. The FIRST ENTIRE SENTENCE WAS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, AND SAID "DAVID S. DERIEMER (no address or "temporary Mail location" at all), HAD APPEARED AND NO CAPIAS WOULD BE ISSUED, AT THIS TIME."

The second (2nd) sentence was in all lower case letters, and said that the Hearing on the "In Forma Pauperis" form, would be heard two weeks -from that date Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. (The "In Forma Pauperis" said that I didn't own the House that I thought I owned; I didn't own the car that I thought I owned; I didn't own any cash in my pocket that I thought I owned; I didn't own the money that I thought was in the Bank; I didn't own my physical Body which I thought I owned,- or my wife, or my children, or anything). It was signed Without prejudice" in case I had made a "Mistake", so it couldn't be introduced into evidence in any court proceeding anyway.

The First HEARING was to have been about "Contempt of Court" with pending jail time. Now, we are talking "In Forma Pauperis" HEARING.

It is similar to a "Counter-Complaint", - and that a Defendant Cannot do the impossible (since "No Money" in circulation), and a Court cannot be "unreasonable" by Ordering the impossible or penalizing one for failure to perform the impossible.

Two (2) weeks went by and Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m., my wife received a telephone call from the Judge's Personal Secretary not just the Clerk. She said "Your Husband need not come to court Monday morning, because the Judge has decided to "Take it under Advisement'.

We suspected that they wanted to trick me into "failure to appear" so they could dismiss my "In Forma Pauperis". So, I called her back and asked her to repeat the message, which she did. I then asked for a letter of written confirmation of the phone call, which she did send.

That has been almost one (1) year ago, and we have not heard anything about either the "Contempt of Court" or the "In Forma Pauperis" since.

CONCLUSIONS: The Judge had been put into a"catch 22" situation.

They didn't obtain "Service of Process" on the fiction ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME Defendant so they couldn't proceed against it, and they had a "Petition for In Forma Pauperis from a party who is not the Defendant and is not privy to the case/suit. The judge couldn't hear the Petition from a non-party to the case.

The distinction is between a FICTION, or a real live natural flesh and blood man of GOD. Because government is a fiction corporation, - it can only have cognizance of other FICTIONS. This is the reason that "Taxpayer License/ Taxpayer I.D.#/ Social Security Numbers" and "Driver Licenses" (etc.) are only issued to FICTIONS, which have their names spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Government FICTIONS cannot have contact or acknowledge real live natural people. They can only contact fiction "persons". "People" are real, "persons" are fictions.

They might have sent over some "Constable" or "Sheriff" to personally serve the "Court Papers" on real live me, but that wouldn't have worked either.



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