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I read your Review and Outlook article in the Nov. 21. 1997 Wall Street Journal. I Find it very hard to believe you don't know much about the IMF. We do and expert witness testimony was given in a case in Nevada in 1995 Here is a short history and you can take it from there. The real United States Treasury was created in 1841 because the private banks were raping the states and United States governments. The Whigs came into power and repealed the Act. When they lost power in 1845 the governments re-instituted the real bank of the United States and it dealt in SPECIE as required by their constitution. Now this caused much concern for the private banks using inflation paper (scrip if you will). So it took until 1913 for the private banks, making out of thin air federal reserve notes, to become powerful enough in the corrupt circles of government to create the Federal Reserve Act. This private concern operated parallel with the real bank. Then in the year 1921, by the Act of 1920, the Congress abolished the United States Independent Treasury and turned all money and banking over to this private concern as Fiscal agents only. for the government. The Act was worded in such a way that no government representative could sit on the board after (fie first term. Now in the Federal Reserve Act of 1916 the Feds created the International Monetary Fund. Well, it really wasn't called that at the time but it evolved into its present day status.

In the Bretton Woods Agreement Act the Secretary of the United States Treasury, now defunct due to the Act of 1920, was installed as the IMF head. The phrase United States was dropped. This can he found in 00 Statutes at Large 1401 cf. seq. You see., Mr. Editor, every Secretary of the Treasury since then is not the Secretary of' the Treasury of' the United States.

He is the Secretary of the Treasury alright, but he is the Secretary of the Treasury of the FED.RFS./IMF. He is not paid by the United States government as stated in 60 Stat 1401 et seq. Under international law fie cannot be paid. He owes no allegiance to the U.S. being a member of such organization as stated in law and in the case of Mendero v the World bank case. in fact we have a letter that states that the Secretary of the Treasury has no SUBSCRIBED oath of office as required under Title 5 USC 333 1. You see the U.S. Treasury exists in name only.

Now we all know the lender controls the debtor. Here is what happened. Between the years 1921 and 1929, the Feds took all the people's money and heavily invested it in Europe. When people got wind of this they started pulling their money out of the banks in specie. The Feds, having exhausted its real money supply, immediately asked President Hoover to institute the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 with a rewritten part making the American people the " enemy" so they would not cause the collapse that did occur. But it was a controlled collapse. We know who the players are so don't fret and no you are smart enough to figure it out being so close to Wall street. Well In the Hoover Papers he states it is unconstitutional and there is no need for this legislation. In the Hoover Papers there exists the exact communication from the Fed. Res. Board with the legislative words already drawn up. We all know what happened next'. President Roosevelt to protect his buddy banker (Rockefeller) who would lose so much; implemented on March 401. 1933. Executive Order 2039 and on March 5th instituted it under the Emergency Powers part of the Constitution. Then on March 9. 1933 he called Congress together and forced Congress under the Emergency Powers Act to pass 48 Stat 1, which closed (]own the banks so they could be licensed to trade with the "enemy'. That is us, the American People Mr. Editor. We are in a state of war with the private banking cartel as the creditor and we are the debtors after they stole all the people's money in those years I mentioned. Just Read P.L. 93-549 to see what I mean. You might think that all this was repealed but it wasn't. On repeal they left one small key to keep it going. That key is section 5 (b) of the trading With the Enemy Act. Today you will find it in 12 USC 95 (a) & (b). So the bottom line is that the private IMF that you think is so mysterious really is not. Secretive they have to be because they float out of thin air funny little pieces of paper that you so wrongly call money. It is the bane of all mankind through out history because it steals the wealth (labor) of people in exchange for military scrip. Yes, I said military scrip because we. as the enemy. are living in a conquested country run by the creditors, the IMF AKA the Federal Reserve AKA private men in a banking cartel that control your life and mine. That is why the real Treasurer of the United States is Mary Ellen Withrow and her signature appears on all the things called federal reserve notes. Now to make it a commercial note, international bills of credit. you have to have a second party signature on it and that is Robert Rubin the secretary of the FED/IMF. Most people do not wonder why the Treasurer of the United States would have her Secretary sign off on the same thing called a "note" to give it credit- ability. Did you ever see the phrase The Secretary of the Treasury of the United States on the note'? Of course no(. It is an impossibility. You see in commercial law that would be redundant, and, as a true "note" it lacks the elements found in the U.C.C., wouldn't you say'? How can your secretary's signature on something that you signed give it any more weight'? No. in the merchant-law that we operate, two separate signatures are required from separate parties on a "note. " Since the PRIVATE Feds were made agents and they created the IMF guess who controls this country" That's right not the people at all, for we are the "enemy. " Since the Reconstruction Act of March 2, 1867 put us under military control by a de facto Congress, who by the way is still a de facto Congress, which vetoed President Johnson's veto of Lincoln's decree making us the enemy. See 12 Stat 319, which lies now in War at Title 50 Sections 212. 213, and 215. Plus 28 USC 2461 to 2465 and then Roosevelt's decree making us the "enemy" of the private banking cartel, do you now understand why they have to operate in secrete'? It is a creation that Congress allows since it is bankrupt and has been since the civil war. Why do you think there his been so many Reorganizations under the Bankruptcy'? Oh, I could go into a brief that would take a thousand pages but that is not necessary as it is all recorded in the Federal case of The People of the State of Nevada EX Rel. citizen Robert Kahre v. The International Monetary Fund, (The Fund). The International Bank
for Reconstruction and Development (The Bank), as Principal, CV-S-93-1054 (Clark County case # A323777). That is why the private collection agency of the Feds exist to sop up the purchasing power of their funny monopoly money, otherwise the faith the people have in FRAUD (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Devices) will cause every man and woman to probably hang every banker and politician from what ever they could find. Of course the United States has over used their Special Drawing Rights from the IMF so it too is bankrupt to even that which compounds it. And the slaves of Amerika will happily agree to have more worthless pieces of paper given to them so they can 'discharge (they never have payed) their debts under limited liability as a conquered people.

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