Statement to make before a "fiction court"

"Under"- 1.) in or to a position below or beneath something. 3.) in or into a condition of subjection, subordination, or unconsciousness.

"Standing" - n. lb: a position from which one may assert or enforce legal rights and duties.

"Understanding" - n. 3c: a mutual agreement not formally entered into but in some degree binding on each side. "Understanding" - adj. 1: fully apprehended.

"Apprehend" - 1a: to take hold of. 1b: arrest, seize. 3: to grasp with the understanding; be fully aware of; understand, grasp.

"Fiction" - 1a: something invented by the imagination or feigned.

"Feign"-la: to represent by a false appearance of. Pretense, dissemble.

"Dissemble" 1: to hide under false appearance. 2: to put under the appearance of: simulate - vi: to put on a false appearance, conceal facts, intentions, of feelings under some pretense.

"Statement - before a fictitious court", "I Do Not understand as to feign or dissemble, or to be so understood as to be fully apprehended, for to do so would be under false pretense, therefore, I Do Not have understanding"

SECOND STATEMENT (follow-up) if necessary. "I Do NOT understand, for I may be beneath a position from which YOU may assert your legal rights, and may create an agreement not formally entered into, but in some degree binding, and this may cause me to be falsely understood, fully apprehended, and dissembled, therefore, I Do NOT have understanding"

See "Fiction of Law"


Fiction of law. An assumption or supposition of law that something which Is or may be false Is true, or that a state of facts exists which has never really taken place. An assumption. for purposes of justice, of a fact that does not or may not exist. A rule of law which assumes as true. and will not allow to be disproved something which is false, but not impossible. Ryan v. Motor Credit Co.. 30 N.I.Eq. 531. 23 A 2d 607, 621

In their "Fiction" Court Their "discretion" is YOU LOSE - regardless how much "Proof" or evidence of how "Right" you are.


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