There is a published covert "REPORT" of "Hidden" MILLIONS of Dollars in secret funds, being used by government agents, against you: for the purposes of:

    1. influencing public opinion

    2. managing/influencing (private) "agendas"

    3. purchasing/influencing Media to "cover-up" these   "Reports"

    4. providing High-Pay government "positions", to Reporters and Editors in return for their "Silence" re: C.A.F.R. reports

    5. "Padding" Judge "Retirement Fund" accounts

This is "Your Tax Money" at work, against you, the Taxpayer, - by your "public servants".

If these "Secret" Funds were distributed, - there would be NO NEED for any annual "Income Tax" to be collected, at all - EVER.

If these "Secret" Funds were distributed, - there would be distribution of $30,000.oo per person (Taxpayer) Nation-Wide.

          This involves-."Secret Funds" "Payola" "influence (silence) peddling" "Cover-up" "Misinformation" "Malfeasance in Office" "Embezzlement of Public Funds" "Corruption" in Public Office, of High Ranking Officials. "Bribery" to maintain silence of existence of Report data "Mismanagement of Public Funds'' SECRET "SLUSH" FUND for JUDGES retirement 65% to 80% ownership of all Public stock corporations unreported - Loans to Private Industry COVERT financial reporting structure that has enabled the covert financial takeover of the entire United States Syndicated Organized Crime

This covert "Report" is available from "Public Records" and is titled "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report" (C.A.F.R.), (each State and the Federal government have one).

Gorbechov said "the boys (controlling government) in the USA had more control and ownership of the wealth and people in the USA, than they did in Russia and were making 10 times as much . . ." - This amount is kept track-of by the C.A.F.R. "COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT" and is kept secret from the People.

For a "Summary" 9 page e-mail from the author of the "expose" which reveals the in-depth Nature of the Funds, that the C.A.F.R. itemizes and documents, - send $10.oo Postage and copy costs Donation (or $5.00 if you don't have $10.oo) & a request note to:
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